Flight Lab

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The inventor who works in this laboratory is a pseudo-scientist who is interested in achieving flight through the mechanics of swimming. Through the exploration of ideas, sketches, and models, the inventor studies possible methods of achieving flight by these means. This exhibition, Flight Lab, references the dream and the tool used to achieve flight, the flight suit. It is a video installation with two main components, a video projection that takes place on all four walls of the gallery and a display case that features a flying costume. Upon entering the dark gallery, the viewer sees a video projection of someone flying through empty space. The person flying is wearing a white form-fitting suit and white aviator goggles. The suit has webbed feet and webbed hands. The image of the person flying travels through space on the gallery walls, from one wall to the next. The image on each wall resembles an observation window in an aquarium. It is a continuous loop in which the viewer is surrounded. In the center of the gallery floor is a display case which houses the flight suit, a remnant from another time or place. It is a horizontal display case made of plexi-glass, aluminum and wood. Inside it, the flight suit lies flat. The suit is under-lit which creates a dim glow in the unlit gallery. This case contains the tangible object that remains from the dream. The suit operates both as an element from the dream and an element that exists in real space.