I consider myself a hybrid artist – part sculptor, part performance/theater, part printmaker, part media artist, part choreographer and part place-maker. The reason I create is driven by my desire to communicate and share ideas, a passion for learning and also my love of problem solving. The intention behind my work is to create a truly engaging experience for the viewer, one that has resonance and power in the moment. I explore these ideas through an interdisciplinary approach and a variety of media.

Interested in a variety of processes and materials, I find inspiration in dreams, my childhood, gadgets, sea life and other curiosities. My primary focus is the idea and I employ whatever means necessary to bring the idea to fruition. Fabrication, costume design, choreography, video installation, textiles and printmaking are common processes in my work.

Fueled by the creative energy and dynamic of working with other people, collaboration is also an important element of my practice. I believe that good collaboration is greater than the sum of its parts.

I often work in long-term series, exploring a variety of themes and ideas. This allows me to evolve the work and let it expand and take shape in new ways, so that I may learn and grow as an artist. Currently, my work can be categorized into a few distinctive categories or series. “Flight Lab” is a body of work that focuses on the idea of flight and is based on the mechanics of swimming. “Rust and Satin” explores the ideas of gender identity, roles, and expectations through the materials of cast iron and satin. The series “Passages” is inspired by life’s journey, travels and dreams of passage into other worlds. I have also worked on a number of performance works that involve parades. My most recent series “Second Line” celebrates diversity of culture, individual storytelling and the spirit of the Second Line tradition of New Orleans parade culture through large-scale mobile sculptures that are inspired by the characters of the Chinese Zodiac, personal stories, and traditions in various cultures.

Through public art, I also strive to play a role in my local community, and endeavor to make it a more interesting and cultural place in which to live. Outdoor sculptures have the ability to create a sense of place, become a landmark for the community and also to become a destination for locals and travelers alike. Outdoor sculpture shapes a space, engages the viewer, is accessible to the public and brings a smile to people’s faces.