Human Rights

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I believe in equality for all, that everyone deserves fundamental human rights and to be treated with respect and dignity. I hope to use my voice and my art to be an instrument of change. This new work is a direct response to the current political and social climate in our world, and more specifically, our country.

“Love Equals Love Cubed” is about equality for everyone, regardless of sexual preference, ethnicity, identity, race, religion, or physicality. It is about compassion, concern and love for all of our brothers and sisters. “Gun Sight” speaks to gun violence in America and calls into question the underlying problems of gun violence. Hate, racism, mental illness, discrimination, substance abuse, poverty, and even the cult of celebrity all play a role. Depending on the viewer’s perspective and perception, he/she becomes either the perpetrator or the victim of violence. “Voyage” was not created as a response to recent events but was originally created for a series called, “Passages,” about life’s journey and our dreams of passage into other worlds. This piece has been included in this body of work, because the core ideas behind “Passages” also reflect the plight of the immigrant. It represents the gravity of making the decision to leave one’s home in hope of a better life.