Snow Geishas


Joy Poulard and I created two theatrical/sculptural performances in collaboration with the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Jacksonville, FL. These two performances were primarily about illumination and the sublime.

In “Snow Geishas, (directed by Joy Poulard) we adapted a scene from “Life is Beautiful,” lip-synching Barcarolle from the opera, Les Contes d’Hoffmann by Offenbach in illuminated geisha costumes in a rowing boat under the moonlight.

For the “Dance of the Jellyfish” performance (directed by Jenny K. Hager), we became illuminated jellyfish on stilts and led a dance procession through the Jacksonville Zoo, with ten other performers using OMG jellyfish props designed by Patti Lord.

For both performances, we fabricated our costumes, built various elements of our sets, choreographed the performances and performed them.