Second Line

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In my series “Second Line,” the title inspired by the parade culture of New Orleans, I have begun to create the twelve characters of the Chinese Zodiac as performance parade animals. “Second Line,” celebrates the diversity within our culture, individual storytelling and the spirit of the Second Line tradition. The “Second Line” tradition invites its audience to fall in behind the first line, made up of the parade itself and brass band. The participants who join in and follow the parade are called the second line.

In this series, each animal is infused with a personal narrative and makes specific references to various cultures. The animals are constructed with a steel armature (skeleton) and various surface textures, appropriate to the specific animal and the narrative. Each sculpture incorporates antique wheels for mobility.  I have created the diverse surfaces using materials such as wood veneer, rubber tubing, fiberglass and burlap, feathers, and lights. To date, I have created the horse, the rat, the ox, the rooster and the tiger. Here, sculpture meets theatrical performance and street parade. Once all twelve characters are created, I will bring them back together in Jacksonville and facilitate an art parade in which artists, musicians and performers can collaborate. This project celebrates individual personalities and also diverse cultures.

To date, the horse, the rat the ox, the rooster and the tiger have been created. The horse has been on parade in New Orleans, LA and Corpus Christi, TX. The ox currently resides at Josephine Sculpture Park in KY. The tiger is exhibited at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.